Catholic Faith

The Catholic Faith does not change with time, nor does the Catholic Faith ever become old, because the Catholic Faith rests in the eternal and never-changing Trinity.  The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church does not make-up the Faith, but bears witness to it. 
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The Catholic Faith

  1. This short description of what Catholics Believe is an excellent start to beginning to understand the Catholic Faith.
  2. Perhaps one of the best ways to learn and understand the Catholic Faith is through prayer.  Several Catholic Prayers are listed on this website. 
  3. Another way to learn about the Catholic Faith is by reading Vatican Encyclicals.
  4. Central to the Catholic Faith are the Seven Sacraments; learning more about them will also help.
  5. How does the Church know what is true?  Looking into the answer to this question, can help us better understand the Catholic Faith.  The study of  how Catholics know what is true is called Catholic Epistemology.  This same page includes the text of the Ecumenical Councils.
  6. Another excellent way for Catholic to learn more about their Faith is to get involved by joining the Legion of Mary, by frequenting the sacraments, by giving alms, and by following the Commandments.  
  7. One especially useful resource, written and published by the Church is the Holy Bible; of course it goes without saying that this is an excellent resource for learning more about the Faith.