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The Vexillum Legionis is an adaptation of the standard of the Roman Legion. The eagle which surmounted the standard is replaced by the Dove, the emblem of the Holy Spirit. Beneath the Dove a cross-bar bears the inscription "Legio Mariae" (Legion of Mary). Intermediate between cross-bar and staff (and joined to the former by a rose and a lily) is an oval frame bearing a representation of the Immaculate Conception (the Miraculous Medal). The staff is set in a globe which, for use on a table, stands on a square base. The whole design conveys the idea that the world is to be conquered by the Holy Spirit acting through Mary and her children.
  1. A representation of the vexillum should appear on the official notepaper of the Legion.
  2. A model of the vexillum should stand on the table at meetings about six inches (15 cm.) in advance of, and about six inches (15 cm.) to the right of the statue. The table model customarily used is inclusive of the base, 12¾  inches (32 cm.) in height. See photograph . Vexilla in metal and onyx may be obtained from the Concilium.
  3. Note - scale reference only applies the vexillum as pictured in the printed handbook and not to the picture seen here

    A large model (as shown in photograph) will be required for processional purposes and for use at the Acies. It should be about 6½ feet (2 m.) high, of which about 2 feet (60 cm.) would represent the length of staff below the globe. The remainder should be made according to the design (see picture below) on the scale of one foot per inch (12 to l). The staff fits into a base (not part of the vexillum) to hold it erect at the Acies and when not being carried.
    This large vexillum is not supplied by the Concilium but can easily be made and painted locally. Councils and praesidia desiring more elaborate equipment will, no doubt, have recourse to materials other than wood. The design affords much scope for artistic treatment.
  4. The table vexillum is copyright and may be produced only with specific permission of the Concilium.
"That beautiful standard of the Legion of Mary." (Pope Pius XI)


The Standard of the Legion

Vexillum Legionis

"Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort has realised with the utmost clarity that there must be no separating of the Virgin from the Holy Spirit. The Legion of Mary has imbibed with a complete conviction his teaching in regard to that bond of union, and for that reason is earnestly seeking for a deeper knowledge of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit." (Laurentin)