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The prayers of the Legion are to be regarded as invariable. Even in the invocations, no alteration or addition is to be made, either in respect of national, local, or particular saints, or where such alteration or addition would be a debatable matter.
This is a demand for sacrifice, but the demand only follows on a sacrifice which is one of the greatest of its kind, as will readily be conceded by those who know the land from which these Constitutions have come, and who understand the unique place in its affections held by its National Apostle.
It is true that the toleration of special invocations would not in itself be a large departure from common usage. Yet therein is contained the germ of a divergence in system, and the Legion dreads even that germ.
Again, the soul of the Legion is shown forth in its prayers, and it is fitting that the latter, by a uniformity most exact, shall typify - in whatever language they may in time be said - the complete unity of mind, heart, rule and practice, to which the Legion exhorts all who may anywhere serve beneath its standard.

"As you are the children of Christ, so be you children of Rome." (St. Patrick)
"The things I pray for, dear Lord, give me the grace to labour for. (St. Thomas More)